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How does WILF Books work?

We take the planning, time and resource out of finding books your child will love, leaving you with time to spend together.

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You Choose

You choose from a diverse set of criteria ensuring your child receives books they will love.

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We Deliver

We’ll send your child a uniquely crafted selection of books and activities on the 1st of each month.

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You Connect

With books your child loves directly to your door you can spend together time, whilst they develop a love of learning and reading.

This month you could be reading...

Bee: Natures Tiny Miracle

2-4 Year Olds - Bee: Natures Tiny Miracle

This lovely book is a true wonder of nature. As you turn the pages, you follow the miraculous little bee and its journey from flower to flower via beautifully written and rhyming text. With an introduction to a wide-ranging variety of natural settings, it absolutely has the making of being another child's favourite!

The Great Snortle Hunt

5-7 Year Olds - The Great Snortle Hunt

Here's a tension-packed rhyming story about three fearful friends on the hunt for the dreaded snortle. It might be a little scary for sensitive children, but nevertheless a great read-aloud for a monster-filled storytime. Wonderful illustrations!

Stig of the Dump

8-9 Year Olds - Stig of the Dump

Here's one for the explorers amongst you about two completely opposite boys who become friends. From hunting hounds to stopping robbers and decorating Stig's house, it's all in there and if it's right, we'll be popping this into a delivery of an 8+ year old child soon.

A totally flexible subscription

Choose criteria your child will love

Choose criteria your child will love

Each month, you're in control of the type of books your child receives. Make them those they will love!

Pause Anytime

Pause Anytime

We love having you as part of our community, but you're free to come and go as you please.

Opt in, or out, of sharing

Opt in, or out, of sharing

We really believe in the value of sharing, but realise it's not for everyone. It's always your choice.

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