About Us

Ciao! WILF Books all began when we (Callum & Amelia - that's us pictured left!) realised that children reading for pleasure translates to smiling faces across every culture. It's a universal language amongst children. From the regimented Japanese practice, to the Indian group outdoor school sessions we witnessed, to the Icelandic classroom we were inspired by the joys of children’s smiles (and shocked that we hadn’t innovated the way to make that experience commonplace and accessible to everyone!) and so created WILF Books to create more of the same.
WILF Books was to be an organisation that not only delivers value through it’s service, but by aligning every step of it’s process to high environmental and social standards, and even extending it’s reach to use profits where they are most needed. That's why you'll find reducing waste, social impact and partnerships at the core of who we are too!
Everyone deserves to read, write & communicate, don't you think? We invest into local community groups and reading projects designed to support those who need the most help to learn to read.

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